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About Us - History

In 2005, the two student teachers Christian Gadde (designated 1st chairman) and Rouven Winkel (designated honorary chairman) got to know each other during their political science studies at the Otto Suhr Institute of the Free University of Berlin. Thanks to their mutual love for the medium of film / cinema, they quickly became friends. What followed were common creative film projects and from then on, they used to cram for their exams together.

Above all, however, Rouven's artistic double activities aroused Christian's organizing passions in the field of event management. Acting as artist agent for MICHAEL ROUVEN (= artist name) and his dance crew, Christian quickly brought the longed-for success to light. In 2009, the IFA honored the artist with a special award. At the same time, there was enormous media coverage on TV and radio, which dubbed Michael Rouven one of the most successful imitation artists in Europe (including ARD). He embarked on official partnerships with Media Markt, UCI Kinowelt, Cine Star and Tropical Islands.

Even after the „1. Staatsexamen“, both trainee teachers continued their art projects during their „Referendariat“ and also gave charity performances for the first time. In 2018, Christian launched the CHARITY SCHOOL TOUR, which financially supports school development associations through charity shows and brings children and young people closer to pop culture. As teacher colleagues at a Berlin hotspot school, Rouven and his agent systematically combined their main occupation in the education sector with their sideline job in the artist event business for the first time. The same happened when Rouven’s school song HALLO FREUNDE (Hello Friends) was played on the radio in 2020, demonstrating his second talent as a singer-songwriter. Today, this charity song, along with „GUTE TATEN DES PIRATEN“ (The Pirat's Deeds) and the Charity School Tour, constitute the cornerstone of our charitable commitment in schools, in order to collect donations for taking on academic sponsorships with the help of the campaign SCHOOL HELPS UNIVERSITY.

With the idea of the non-profit association AKADEMISCHE PATENSCHAFTEN (ACADEMIC FUNDRAISING), Christian provided a platform for Rouven's art projects in 2021 in order to sustainably fight against the educational deficits of discriminated ethnic minorities who live in poverty.