Akademische Patenschaften e.V.  Academic Fundraising
Hochschulförderung - gegen Diskriminierung in Armut für Teilhabe & Integration!


SCHOOL HELPS UNIVERSITY: Cake vs. educationale Poverty

The elementary schools that we gratuitously provide with art and culture organize, for example, cake sales in return to support us in promoting universities that improve the educational opportunities of discriminated ethnic minorities living in poverty.

HELLO FRIENDS - School Enrollment Song from Radio

We provide the radio-featured school enrollment song HALLO FREUNDE from Berlin teacher Rouven Winkel as a download. It is a free gift for ALL elementary schools in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, free of GEMA charges and includes karaoke versions: www.hallo-freunde.de

The Pirat's good Deeds

Disguised as arguably the most famous pirate in the world, our Johnny Depp double Michael Rouven (winner of the IFA artist award) collects donations for a good cause by offering spectacular photo sessions with your guests at your school or daycare (Kita) party.

Charity School Tour

The charity show for your school with our team of artists around Michael Jackson double Michael Rouven (winner of the IFA artist award).