Akademische Patenschaften e.V.  Academic Fundraising
Hochschulförderung - gegen Diskriminierung in Armut für Teilhabe & Integration!

How does the academic sponsorship work? How can you help?

Contrary to the widespread model of taking on individual sponsorships for individual students, our concept works a little differently: The association itself acts as a sponsor for (state-recognized) educational institutions abroad, which are characterized by special programs, projects or campaigns to give discriminated ethnic minorities living in poverty better access to education. An example of this are the Roma in Eastern Europe (Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania) who, despite EU membership in the 21st century, have to struggle with unimaginably precarious living conditions, and almost play no role in the public perception of the refugee debate and the corona pandemic. Since we understand elementary schools, high schools and universities as a holistic "educational unit", we are particularly happy to promote academic-university training for teacher training students of the aforementioned disadvantaged population groups. After all, after their studies, they often teach children and young people of their own ethnic group in primary schools in their (often structurally weak) homeland - in the often suppressed or rarely supported mother tongue. This creates sustainable, authentic role models for future generations who, in turn, can pave new paths to the university for potential academics. If you would like to support our work, we look forward to your DONATION. Thank you very much!